CDC Says Toss That Salad (Out) -- Romaine Lettuce From Yuma With E.coli

Just when you are eating healthier we get the news that your lettuce may be trying to kill you.

The Center for Disease Control advises that unless you can confirm that whole heads if Romaine or prepared salads containing Romain did not come from Yuma, AZ, it should be discarded due to E. coli 157:H7 contamination. This applies also to hearts of Romain.

E. coli can make you sick.

704 Pounds of Dynamite/400 Blasting Caps Stolen From Construction Site in Pennsylvania

More explosives than originally thought were stolen over the weekend from a pipeline construction site in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The total amount of Dynamite stolen was revised from 640 pounds to 704 pounds, as well as 400 blasting caps, ATF says.

The stolen items could be used to create hundreds of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which could be deployed to one or more locations. The potential for death, injury and destruction is enormous.

Responders should be aware of the potential for additional explosions intended to target responding resources.

RT 30 Pittsburgh PA May be Closed for Months

A portion of Route 30 in East Pittsburgh has collapsed, also an apartment building on nearby Electric Avenue. Detours in place and closures may last months.

Attention Travelers: US-30 WB in Allegheny County is closed until further notice due to extensive roadway damage. The following detour is in effect for WB motorists: From US-30 WB, take Greensburg Pike, to SR-130 Tri-Boro Expressway, to I-376, and back to US-30 WB --Penn DoT

I'm Scott McClelland and this is the Disaster Recovery Department at My H-E-B

A story in the Houston Chronicle discusses Texas-based grocery H-E-B's efforts to restock and reopen their impacted stores and reach out to individuals in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, H-E-B's lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey.

In progress

Our target audience is Police/Fire/EMS, disaster preparedness and relief, and emergency management.

Our focus is on responder well being. We have been scene personnel rehab evangelists and are broadening out to other responder safety, health and mental health topics.

Current news brings readers to our site and we hope to influence a greater culture of safety and we'll being.

Be safe.

How we stayed informed about Harvey

We've stayed on top of the latest during the storm and we'll share some of those resources with you
If some of the sources don't apply to your situation, use them for inspiration to locate similar resources in your area.

Hurricane / Tropical Storm / Tropical Depression) Harvey continued to cause damage and loss of lives in its path. While we were sheltered-in-place, riding out high winds, heavy rain and local small stream flooding, we were fortunate to have had internet access as the main route of our Intel gathering. I'll come back to that.

What Do You Mean, "Is Your Christmas Tree NFPA Compliant?"?

Well, in actuality, their headline was, "NFPA encourages prompt disposal of Christmas trees and safe removal of lights", but you probably see where we are going here. NFPA standards have their roots in tragedy. It is their way of saying, "We've noticed this is a really bad thing and this is a better way to go".

Christmas is over. Get that fuel-air bomb out of your house.

MAYDAY Ready, NIOSH Tips, RIT and Rehab

We stumbled onto an interesting article, while searching for something else. Our serendipitous find was a 2014 article in Fire Engineering entitled "Are You Ready as an Incident Commander when your Firefighters 'Press Their MAYDAY Button'?" by Joseph "Joe" Pronesti.

Don't miss the 13 points called "The Incident Commander’s rules of engagement for fire-fighter safety".

Last, but not least is:

Dallas PD Job Applications Surge

Officials say applications to join Dallas PD have have more than trippled since five police officers were massacred in Dallas on July 7, compared with the same period in June.

136 applications were reported from June 8 to June 20 and 467 applications from July 8 to July 20, an increase of 344%.

Texas Department of State Health Services DSHS Coordinator Course 2017

We wanted to pass this opportunity on to Texas EMS Educators:

If you are interested in becoming an EMS Course Coordinator save the following dates April 19 thru 21, 2017. The 2017 course will be held in Galveston, Texas.

DSHS asks you to save your questions until the official announcement and open course registration. Details are being finalized now, but will not be available until late December 2016.

Texas Department of State Health Services is on the web at


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