Review: Black-Fire Nitrile Gloves

They looked interesting. I don't remember ever seeing Nitrile gloves that are black on the outside and orange on the inside. Having piqued my interest, I arranged for some samples to evaluate. We even have some to share. (See below.)

What Happened to the Man He Helped on 9/11?

Fifteen years later, the stood together, sharing their stories of that day, discovering they had met before.

Col. Rob Maness held the man's IV, spoke encouraging words and tried to keep him conscious, the day hijackers flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon. For years he wondered. Had the man survived?

Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell wondered too. Who was with him, pitching in with EMS at the scene as he lay severely burned and expecting to die?

We Have Lost a Friend: Sgt. Craig Hutchinson, Travis County (TX) Sheriff's Office

Sergeant Craig Hutchinson was killed, July 26, 2014, as he returned home from his shift. According to media reports, he observed subjects removing items from his backyard shed and radioed for backup. Minutes later they discovered Sgt. Hutchinson with a gunshot wound. He was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Texas EMS Trauma News Available

The latest edition of Texas EMS Trauma News is available.

Visit Texas EMS Trauma News home for a .PDF copy.

Training Opportunity: FEMA - Three Courses

E0824 Partner Coordination of Disaster Response & Recovery,

E0209 State Recovery Planning and Coordination,

E0361 Multi-hazard Emergency Planning for Schools

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Now available on

1260 - Training Opportinity - E0824 7-07-2016

Curating the News Feeds on - Somebody's Feed is Down

We are always looking for the latest public safety news to offer through our social media presence. Frankly, it is the bait which we hope will bring our primary targeted audience to us, so we can nag them into working and living safely.

That audience is the First Responder community, a subset of the Public Safety community. That's a subset of the communities they serve.

While the public is able to read this content, that is not our focus.

Did you know there are 39 Texas Counties under burn ban today?

If you are working on your property or enjoying the outdoors, in Texas, you should know if your County is prohibiting fires.

Burn Ban Flag

The folks at Texas Forest Service, keep track of the info from individual counties and we offer it to you here, in real-time, with links to TFS for more information.

[Re]Updated: Read the Texas EMS Trauma News… If You Can Get It

We got it. And, you can too. Get it here! Follow the link to our updated original post. See below.

Read the Texas EMS Trauma News… If You Can Get It has been updated.

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (April 10-16)

We're celebrating National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (April 10-16).

Titles vary among agencies. If "Telecommunicator" doesn't paint a verbal picture for you, think "Call Taker" and "Dispatcher". In some places, it is the same person who does both. At some agencies, today's Call Taker may be tomorrow's Dispatcher. Or the other way around. Kinda' like "Today's complainant is tomorrow's suspect". Well, maybe not.

While some may be lighting up the outdoor grill to serve the finest Telecommunicators the finest hot dogs the budget can afford, we will take a different approach.

We're going to tell a few secrets. Not the sanitized-for-TV stuff, either. These are the secrets about which you might tell what, but not who, when or where. Usually, why has to remain a mystery, anyway -- because we'll just never know.

The job is not for everyone

We have curated a few videos to help illustrate what Public Safety Telecommunicators experience. A theme, common to many of the videos, is "the job is not for everyone".

Read the Texas EMS Trauma News… If You Can Get It

Get it here! See below. Please note that some links in the newsletter may not be operative, due to the DSHS web outage.

We decided to reward ourselves for a productive morning with a peek at the latest Texas EMS Trauma News. We had just received an email, heralding it's availability on the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) web site.


The email held much promise for enlightenment. It said,


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