McCarthy Alaska Donated Ambulance Replacing Vandalized Rig

The village of McCarthy Alaska's only ambulance was dead. It looks like vandals had grabbed fists full of wiring in the center console -- and yanked, rendering the unit dark, without emergency and interior lighting.

Apparently McCarthy, which has approximately around 30 off-season residents (but hundreds in the Summer) has trained EMS personnel who can treat a patient on scene and transport them to the airport for Airlift to a higher level of care. But, ambulance electrical technicians are hard to find in small-town Alaska.

And, there it sat.

But, Jonathan Dobbs from Wisconsin was visiting last fall from with his girlfrend when he notuced a flyer asking for information about the vandals.

It bothered Dobbs enough to purchase a used rig, pump in some mechanical repairs and drive it to McCarthy from Minnesota.

The town celebrated the event, detailed in a story published in the Alaska Daily News.