VMERU Director/Founder Sherry Lassiter Has Died After Long Illness

Sherry June Lassiter

[5/18/18 - Edited, to include additional background. --ed]

Sherry June Lassiter, Director and Founder of the Volunteer Mobile Emergency Response Unit died peacefully at home Monday (May 14) following a long Illness. She was 50 years old.

Lassiter began the response unit as a demonstration project to encourage "Rehab", the now-industry standard on-scene care for emergency responders at extended-length incidents. Those practices include monitoring responders on scene for signs of cardiac stress and providing rehydration and calorie replacement during organized breaks. The objectives of which are extended endurance and overall well being of the rescuers.

The Unit responded, when requested, to major incidents in Central Texas, including structure fires, wild fires, major traffic incidents and a jailbreak.

As area departments embraced the Rehab concept and expanded their capabilities to self perform it and as Lassiter's physical condition made field work less possible, the unit's focus shifted to it's social media presence to promote health and safety for responders.

She enjoyed travel, gardening and her cats, but was especially interested in all things related to public safety.

She was a frequent volunteer at the annual Texas EMS Conference.

Travis County Sheriff's Office
Lassiter was a graduate of the Travis County Sheriff's Citizens Academy and was a member of the Alumni Association (TCSCAAA).

She participated as a role player in training for the Travis County SWAT Team.

She frequently served as a safety monitor during standardized field sobriety testing (SFST) at the Travis County Sheriff's Training Academy. She would ensure the safety of volunteer drinkers/participants who were dosed with alcohol under controlled circumstances to provide realistic test subjects to be evaluated by the students in the performance of the Romberg Balance Test, Nine Step Walk and Turn, One Leg Stand and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test.

L E Medics
She was a volunteer with L E Medics and through this association she supported operations of the Austin Police Department (APD) Street Response units.

Austin Police Department
During undercover sting operations for street-level narcotics and
prostitution, she provided stand-by first aid services, caring for both officers and suspects. She also performed other command post duties, as assignrd.

Travis County Precinct 5 Constable's Office
Lassiter was sworn in and participated in enforcement of handicapped parking violations.

Bastrop County First Responders
Lassiter was an Auxiliary Member of Bastrop County First Responders. She was tasked with and was successful in spearheading an EMT-INTERMEDIATE class, which led to a number of the organization's EMTs (some of whom went on to become Paramedics) to certify as EMT-Is and to provide higher levels of patient care. It also set the stage for the organization to certify as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider.

Cub Scouts and RYLA
She volunteered to provide first aid for a number of weekend and weeklong overnight Cub Scout camps as well as week-long Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camps.

Movie Set Medic
She volunteered as a movie Persons wishing to send condolences to the family may address them to Lassiter Family, 1712 E Riverside Dr. #267, Austin, TX 78741 or email lassiter.family@rehabsector.org medic for low-budget films produced in Central. She has four IMDB credits.

She is survived by her seven Children and her companion of 14 years, William Degnan.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but a celebration of her life is being planned, which will include her immediate family and close friends.

Persons wishing to send condolences to the family may address them to Lassiter Family, 1712 E Riverside Dr. #267, Austin, TX 78741 or email lassiter.family@rehabsector.org

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her name to Bastrop County First Responders, P.O. Box 888, Bastrop, TX 78602