Review: Black-Fire Nitrile Gloves

They looked interesting. I don't remember ever seeing Nitrile gloves that are black on the outside and orange on the inside. Having piqued my interest, I arranged for some samples to evaluate. We even have some to share. (See below.)

Halyard Health manufactures these and that was another point of interest for me. One day I noticed that boxes of Halyard's gloves were appearing in the Hospital's dispensers, where Kimberly Clark's had formerly been found. There are many mysteries of the night shift. When the answer involves talking to somebody on the day shift… Well, you have to pick your battles. And, this remained a minor mystery. Until I learned that the familiar packaging color was a clue that the Kimberly Clark glove biz is now Halyard's.

I've been known to wear black Nitrile gloves. There are times that you don't want to be visible on scene and having robin's-egg blue gloves on can make you stand out, in a way that attracts unwanted attention. Let's just say.

But, when you sweep your hands under a patient to discover where all that red fluid is coming from, in the hopes that they retain the rest of it, blood does not show up that well on black. There's a better contrast on the orange. The jury is still out on constant with other colors of glovage.

But, it is nice to be able to don fresh gloves from the same pouch. And you can, when they are reversible. Choose your visibility.

An advertisement I saw for these gloves suggested wearing the orange side out for… directing traffic on scene. I think, "not so much". Not until they turn into a flogger's STOP/SLOW paddle. Drivers need all the help they can get, but orange gloves aren't going to get the job done safely. If they can't see the Fire Truck they hit, the gloves aren't going to help.

The Black Fire gloves have a nice buttery feel, which may be comforting for the patient, when you are interacting. The texture allows good traction on skin (check tugor, start IV, etc.). I found them delicate enough to check pulses and find a nice juicy
vein, but strong enough to resist some tearing. I stretched a spot below the cuff all the way to the antecubital fossa and it didn't rip!

Let's get this out on the table. You are going to find them a little… pricey. But, the convenience of the reversibility -- which can contribute to your powers of invisibility or in the alternate your visibility and or enhanced perception of other people's bodily fluids, may be enough of a value. At about $25 a box of 150, you probably won't want to waste these on people who don't admire your stealth -- although even a grudging admiration should qualify them. The rest can have whatever color Supply is doling out this week.

You can find Black Fire gloves at your favorite supply house.

But, Halyard, was kind enough to send me a couple of boxes of them to give away.

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