Austin (TX) Police Save Cadet with CPR and AED during run at Training Academy

There was no general outcry for firings and prosecution of the Involved Officers. Even though it was covered by local media, a story like this lacks "legs", in editor parlance. It isn't a story that keeps going, every day -- so it wouldn't be a big surprise if you missed it.

But, we noticed. And, we think you should hear about it.

On March 23, 2016, during a scheduled, self-paced run from McKinney Falls back to Austin Police Dept. (APD) Academy, a cadet, suffered an apparent cardiac arrest.

Cadet becomes Patient
His fall was witnessed by APD Officers of the Academy staff who, based on their assessment, initiated CPR and applied an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) which administered a theraputic shock.

Then, something happed that is pretty infrequent. The patient sat up.

As, I used to tell my students, if he sits up, it is a pretty good indication that you can stop CPR.

The patient, whose name is withheld for reasons of confidentiality, was transported to an area hospital by Austin/Travis County EMS, accompanied by Academy Staff.

The rescuers are:

- Senior Police Officer Valentin "Val" De Los Santos,

- Senior Police Officer Aldo Hinojosa and

- Members of the current APD Cadet Class