Tsunamis? Really?

Having been the "Safety Guy!*" at work, I have a sensitively for Emergency Managers. Both are expected to ponder, prevent and prepare for things that not only do most people not want to think about, but they think you are crazy because you feel you need to.

"Tsunami Prep? What's that, beyond surfboard waxing?"

Do non-coastal areas need to prepare? Will you receive evacuees? Casualties? Permanent residents? Become a new Beach town?

Tsunami Preparedness Week March 27-April 2, 2016

In 2016, the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program (NTHMP) will recognize Tsunami Preparedness Week the last week in March to coincide with the date of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunamis (March 27). While some states and territories also plan to promote tsunami preparedness this week, others do so at different times. Below are some dates for state and territorial tsunami preparedness campaigns in 2016:

  • March 13-19: Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • March 20-March 26: California
  • March 27-April 2: Alaska, Guam, Maine, New Hampshire
  • April: Hawaii
  • September 24-30: American Samoa
  • October: Oregon, Washington
  • http://nws.weather.gov/nthmp/tpw/tsunami-preparedness-week.html
    * In the interest of disclosure, other names may have been used, in my absence. The "Management Self-Assessment" part of the hiring process included the question, "Can you be a jerk"? A "no", being an apparent disqualification.