Helping Your Kids Learn by Osmosis

Today's article Five Ways to Protect Your Children by Victoria Newman in Law Officer strikes a familiar note.

While not even remotely a police officer, my father portrayed many of the requisite attributes -- starting with the haircut. He was observant, patient, always had a plan, almost always soft spoken and was not opposed to people learning from the natural consequences of their actions. He had clear ideas about right and wrong and how he should play his roles.

Because of the way he lived his life, he was a benchmark you could use to make decisions about situations that he may have never envisioned. I know there were choices I made because I wanted to avoid any negative reflection on him.

Over the years, I discovered I learned a lot by osmosis. Dad, I can be sure, knew he was teaching, even if I didn't recognize it at the time. It was a range from Land Surveying to Washer and Dryer repair to how-to-get-through-to-your-kids. When you overhear your daughter say, "I have high standards in men, Mom"… Well, message received and understood.