EMS Life Hack - Where did the d#@&* O2 gasket go?

It 0139 hrs. That's just a little past "zero drunk thirty". You are in the highway median, working a wreck. But, given the former, the latter is to be expected.

This one is an entrapment with extended extraction required. The patient is on high flow oxygen, because his condition meets the criteria for it. And, the gauge has gradually dropped into the red.

Time to change out the tank

A quick change. Get a spare tank ready. Remove the seal, while retrieving the new gasket supplied under the seal… except there isn't one. "No problem," you decide. You'll just reuse the old one on the regulator, when it comes off the almost-empty tank.

But, when you assemble the regulator on the new tank and open the valve, there is a loud rush of escaping oxygen. Not good. The old gasket must have fallen in the deep grass!

The good news is that solving a different problem has helped you solve this one.

What do you do with the extra safety pins that come packed with the triangular bandages - because we tie square knots and pigtails, instead?

You pin some extra O2 gaskets inside your airway bag, for just such an emergency.

And, because you have practiced all of this in the dark until it is engrained in your muscle memory, the O2 flow is restablished before the patient could breathe what was in the reservoir bag on the NRB.

Thanks, safety pin, extra gasket and, you too, muscle memory. Couldn't have done it without you.