ICS Forms

ICS Forms (Word Fillable)

Form Form Name
Form 201 Incident Briefing
Form 202 Incident Objectives
Form 203 Organization Assignment List
Form 204 Assignment List
Form 205 Incident Radio Communications Plan
Form 205a Communications List
Form 206 Medical Plan
Form 207 Incident Organization Chart
Form 208 Safety Message/Plan
Form 209 Incident Status Summary
Form 210 Resource Status Change
Form 211 Incident Check-In List
Form 213 General Message
Form 214 Activity Log
Form 215 Operational Planning Worksheet
Form 215a Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis
Form 218 Support Vehicle/Equipment Inventory
Form 219s Header Card
Form 220 Air Operations Summary
Form 221 Demobilization Check-Out
Form 225 Incident Personnel Performance Rating
Source: FEMA

These forms are the building blocks of the Incident Command System.

Forms require Microsoft Word, Open Office or other equivalent. Each form includes instructions.

To learn more about ICS, see the following Independent study courses at training.fema.gov.

ICS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System

ICS-200: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents