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What’s Your EMS Super Hero Power?

Wed, 08/08/2018 - 15:06

As EMS professionals we have to know a wide range of topics and be proficient at many various skills. However a lot of us have super powers. What I mean by that is we all have certain skills or topics that we are very good at, that we have mastered.

Do you know what your EMS super hero powers are? What about your partners? Knowing each others strengths and weaknesses really can make hard days easier and benefit your patients and even your coworkers.

Take a listen below to see what I mean.

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EMS Is Equal To SNF Staff

Thu, 08/02/2018 - 09:51

This weeks on the show Josh and I talk about some very similar things between EMS and SNF staff. This is post rant I had with my years of abuse by said staff. Josh pointed out some things though that I do think we should all keep in mind when we respond to the Nursing Home call with a report of any one of the following:

This is not my patient
Her Pulse Ox is 74% (but for you its 98% a miracle indeed)
The DNR dementia patient is not acting right
He rolled out of bed and no injury but policy requires an 911 EMS call to the ED.

Yeah the list can go on, but go take a listen to the show and see how these calls can make some sense.

Take a listen below and be sure and visit ITunes and take a few minutes to leave us a rating and review.


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