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Plattsburgh, NY EDS Team On Scene of Ice Jam Flooding in North Country

Salvation Army - Disaster Services - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 08:38
Plattsburgh, NY - The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Team based in Plattsburgh, NY (Clinton County) has been on scene of an Ice Jam Flood in the City of Plattsburgh since Tuesday.  Our EDS team is currently providing a full range of services to the approximately 240 survivors who were evacuated from their homes.  These services include feeding, emotional and spiritual care and case work to ensure that all needs [READ MORE]

Mauritius: Tropical Cyclone Berguitta - Jan 2018 - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 18:00
GLIDE number: TC-2018-000007-MUS
Disaster type: Tropical Cyclone
Affected countries: Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion (France)

Tropical Cyclone Berguitta is strengthening in the southern Indian Ocean and moving south-west. On 15 January, its centre was located north of Rodrigues Island, in Mauritius.
Berguitta continues to approach Mauritius and represents a potential threat to the island. The system is expected to pass over or north of Mauritius on 17 January. Therefore, a cyclone warning class II by Mauritian authorities remains in force in the country. The authorities have advised the public to maintain all preliminary precautions. Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge may affect the islands of Rodrigues and Mauritius, as well as La Reunion in the coming days. Authorities in La Reunion issued a cyclone pre-alert on 15 January.
According to the Mauritian Red Cross, at least 40 people have been evacuated following a strong tropical storm in Rodrigues Island. Parts of La Reunion were inundated by over 400 millimetres of rain due to tropical moisture from Tropical Cyclone Ava that passed through the area recently. (OCHA, 16 Jan 2018)

Mauritius and La Réunion are on high alert as Tropical Cyclone Berguitta moves towards southern Indian Ocean this week. Red Cross disaster response teams are readying response plans in anticipation of the cyclone’s landfall. All Red Cross branches in Mauritius have been put on high alert. In La Réunion, the Red Cross Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform (PIROI) has activated its disaster response plan and volunteers are on standby to distribute relief items and provide support to communities affected by the storm. (IFRC, 16 Jan 2018)

Date: 16 Jan 2018
Status: Alert

Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea: Kadovar Volcano - Jan 2018 - Thu, 01/04/2018 - 18:00
GLIDE number: VO-2018-000002-PNG
Disaster type: Volcano
Affected countries: Papua New Guinea

The remote Kadovar Island volcano became active on 5 January 2018 with mild volcanic activity on the south-eastern side of the island. The aerial assessment estimated 50-60 percent of the island covered in lava. The entire population (591 people) has been relocated to Blup Blup island. Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO) has assessed that there is a possibility for Kadovar to explode which could trigger similar explosions on near by volcanic islands of Blup Blup and Biem. This may also trigger a tsunami due to landslides. (IFRC, 9 Jan 2018)

As of 15 January 2018, there is an immediate need for food, water, shelter and clothing due to the evacuation of entire population of Kadovar Island to Brup Brup Island (population 1,400). The Prime Minister’s Office is supporting the provincial government to provide 2,000 people with food and water. Meanwhile, the Provincial Government is planning to evacuate the entire population of Kadovar, Brup Brup and Biem islands (up to 4,000 people) to a site on mainland East Sepik due to risk of tsunami, and the potential for a further eruption on neighbouring Biem Island (OCHA, 15 Jan 2018)

Date: 05 Jan 2018
Status: Ongoing

Buffalo Area EDS Teams Respond to 75 Vehicle Accident During Blizzard

Salvation Army - Disaster Services - Thu, 01/04/2018 - 10:20
Buffalo, NY - The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Teams based in Buffalo, NY (Erie County) responded to a 75 vehicle accident on the New York State Thruway Tuesday afternoon. The teams provided canteen and hydration services to approximately 75 first responders who were involved in extracating, treating and transporting over 100 travelers involved in the mile long accident that occurred during a blizzard warning caused by heavy lake effect [READ MORE]

What does a “State of Emergency” mean?

State - MD Emergency Management - Thu, 01/04/2018 - 08:30
What does a “State of Emergency” mean?

In anticipation of heavy snowfall, winds, and freezing temperatures, potential power outages, hazardous travel conditions, and potentially impassable roadways, Governor Larry Hogan has declared a State of Emergency for Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties beginning Wednesday, January 3, 2018. This executive order will allow the state to efficiently coordinate support and provide additional assistance to those communities.

Here is information on what a state of emergency means.

Not all states of emergency are the same. Each state of emergency is different and can change depending on the severity of the event or emergency.  Be sure to check with your local news and with MEMA for updated information related to states of emergency.

A state of emergency is declared in order to allow Maryland to coordinate and request emergency resources and support. A state of emergency allows the Governor to access certain resources in order to increase the State’s response.

A state of emergency is a good indicator that residents should remain alert and follow officials’ orders, news stations, and weather forecasts in order to be informed of the situation. In this particular case, residents are being advised that they should prepare for a significant winter storm and that motorists should avoid nonessential travel after the snow begins to fall. Here is additional information about this state of emergency:

Will schools be closed?

States of Emergencies typically do not mandate school closures. It usually is the local school district’s decision to stay open or to close.

Will stores and businesses be open?

This state of emergency does not require employers to close. We ask that all employers consider employee safety at all times.

Can I drive on the roads?

Motorists are not prohibited from driving on the roads at this time. Use common sense–if you must drive and cannot change your plans, please do so carefully.  Give yourself extra time to get to your destination.  Let family or friends know your route and expected arrival time.

Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Ava - Jan 2018 - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 18:00
GLIDE number: TC-2018-000001-MDG
Disaster type: Tropical Cyclone
Affected countries: Madagascar

Madagascar is on alert following the identification of a low weather pressure system off the north-east coast of the country, which is expected to strengthen in the southwestern Indian Ocean basin. The weather system is already causing weather disturbances in northern Madagascar and on the islands of Réunion and Mauritius. It is expected to gain strength during the week as it tracks westward, prior to making landfall on Madagascar on 4 or 5 January 2018 (OCHA, 3 Jan 2018)

The tropical cyclone will reach a maximum wind speed of 130 km/h. Based on the observed and predicted cyclone track as of 4th January 2018 (00:00 UTC), sustained wind speeds zones and population data from WorldPop, UNITAR-UNOSAT conducted a population exposure analysis for Madagascar (UNOSAT, 4 Jan 2018)

The Malagasy Bureau National de Gestion des Risques et Catastrophes (BNGRC) is monitoring the situation closely and coordinating the response. Humanitarian supplies were pre-positioned in 29 districts across the country—including those expected to be affected by Tropical Storm AVA—ahead of the cyclone season to support any required response. Emergency teams are on standby and several have already deployed, including to Toamasina/Tamatave, the capital of Atsinana region, one of the areas that is expected to be first affected by the tropical storm. (OCHA, 4 Jan 2018)

Date: 04 Jan 2018
Status: Alert

MEMA Monitoring Winter Storm and Arctic Front Starting Tonight, Eastern Shore Bracing for Heaviest Snowfall

State - MD Emergency Management - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 16:45

Residents Should Be Aware and Take Appropriate Actions to Stay Safe

Click here to listen to audio of this release.

REISTERSTOWN, Md. (January 3, 2018) — A winter storm will move up the East Coast Wednesday night, bringing accumulating snow to parts of Maryland, with wind gusts and frigid temperatures across the State. The National Weather Service has issued either Winter Storm or Blizzard Warnings for the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Winter Weather Advisories for much of central and southern Maryland, and the national capital region.

These areas could see significant snowfall, which will begin late tonight on the lower Eastern Shore and spread northward overnight. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) advises all residents in and around these areas to follow weather forecasts as they are updated. In addition to snow, the majority of the State will have frigid temperatures.

“As we prepare for this winter weather I urge all Marylanders to use common sense and take all necessary precautions,” said Governor Hogan. “Our state agencies and employees are working very hard to keep our roads passable, but the freezing temperatures we are experiencing could create extremely dangerous conditions. Put safety first by staying off the roads whenever possible, following your local weather forecasts, and heeding all warnings.”

MEMA is closely monitoring the storm and is coordinating preparedness and response efforts with local emergency management officials and state agencies. Residents in different areas of Maryland may feel different effects from this weather system. It is possible that light snow could fall in the Baltimore-Washington corridor early tomorrow and affect the Thursday morning commute.

MEMA Executive Director Russell Strickland said, “Marylanders on the Eastern Shore and in southern Maryland should stay off the roads during the storm. Commuters and travelers should pay close attention to morning traffic and weather reports and plan accordingly.”

Additionally, Maryland residents should consider taking the following actions:

  • Closely monitor updated weather forecasts and keep electronic communications devices charged.
  • Be cautious shoveling snow or ice to avoid overexertion. Take frequent breaks and keep hydrated.
  • If you must travel, make sure to have car chargers, kitty litter or sand for traction, and blankets and drinks in case you become stranded. Let friends or family know of your travel route and expected arrival time.
  • Never run generators indoors, in closed areas, or near vents.
  • Know who to contact in the case of a power outage. Emergency phone numbers for utility companies can be found here.

Traffic, weather, and power outage alerts, as well as winter preparedness information, can be accessed on MEMA’s website. You can also follow MEMA on Twitter and Facebook for updated information.

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