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The State Police are investigating a four-car serious injury crash on the Southern State Parkway

State - NY Police - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 09:51

The State Police are investigating a four-car serious injury crash on the Southern State Parkway which occurred on Saturday February 17th at approximately 2:12AM

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Shinglehouse, PA man arrested for DWI in Bolivar

State - NY Police - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 09:31

On February 16, 2019, SP Amity Troopers arrested Mark L. James, 50, of Shinglehouse, PA for Driving While Intoxicated.

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Hope Valley Barracks

State - RI Police - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 09:30
At 8:55 PM, troopers arrested Elyse O'Donnell, age 30, of 1 Riverview Drive, Unit A, North Providence, Rhode Island for a Providence Superior Court Bench Warrant for a 32F Technical Violation on the original charge of Carrying a Pistol/Revolver Without a License originating out of the Lincoln...
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LA sheriff: Fewer crimes spur transfer to immigration agents

Police One - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 09:04

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — The new leader of the nation's largest sheriff's department on Friday further limited when inmates in Los Angeles County jails can be transferred to U.S. authorities for deportation.

The department has reduced the number of misdemeanor charges that can trigger an inmate's transfer to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation from 151 to 101, spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said.

One example of a charge removed from the list is vandalism with prior convictions, she said.

Under its so-called sanctuary law, California already limits which crimes can trigger the transfer of someone held in a county jail to federal deportation agents. The Los Angeles County sheriff's department further reduced the list of misdemeanors that qualify.

The department also limited the timeframe for these convictions to three years from five, she said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who won an upset election victory last year, previously said he would bar ICE agents from entering department facilities to conduct civil immigration matters.

That directive took effect this month, Nishida said. Previously, federal immigration agents would interview inmates suspected of being in the country illegally while they were still in jail.

Thomas P. Giles, acting field office director for ICE's enforcement and removal operations in Los Angeles, said in a statement that the changes would encourage criminal activity by immigrants without legal status. He said agents would keep making arrests elsewhere in the community of those suspected of being in the country illegally.

Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, said she welcomed a reduction in the number of misdemeanor charges that can lead to deportation.

She said immigrants convicted of crimes already serve their sentences and the question is whether deportation is an appropriate enhancement for the offenses committed.

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Ala. officer shot multiple times, suspects die in subsequent fire

Police One - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 08:47

Associated Press

AUBURN, Ala. — An Alabama police officer who was shot multiple times after responding to reports of an armed robbery was recovering Saturday, while two suspects are believed to have died in a fire following a shootout.

The incident began about 5:30 p.m. Friday, the Opelika-Auburn News reported.

Auburn Officer Justin Sanders stopped a vehicle that fit the description of one driven by the suspects. As Sanders approached, police said the man opened fire, striking the 30-year-old officer at least four times. Sanders, five-year veteran of the department, was hospitalized in stable condition, Police Capt. Lorenza Dorsey said.

The suspects fled and an ensuing manhunt tracked them to a nearby apartment complex.

Dorsey said heavily armed officers in tactical gear surrounded the building. Gunfire then erupted, filling the air with noise and smoke. Residents from several blocks away heard the commotion, while nearby Auburn University issued warnings and a lockdown for the veterinary school.

Residents fled the scene as the gunfire continued. "Get back! Bullets are flying everywhere!" one officer warned bystanders.

"It sounded like fireworks going off," one man told the Opelika-Auburn News.

A woman told the newspaper when she heard the gunfire she took cover in her bathtub.

Officers tossed canisters of tear gas into the apartment, which caught fire, Dorsey said. The two suspects refused to exit. Authorities said their bodies were later found in the rubble.

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris identified one of the suspects as Christopher James Wallace, 38. The identity of the other person, a woman, has not been released.

Two people believed to be relatives of Wallace exited the apartment and were taken into custody as officers were trying to get the suspects from the apartment. After the fire was extinguished, authorities found the suspects' bodies in a back room of the apartment.

Harris said the bodies will be taken to the medical examiner's office at the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery for an autopsy to determine the cause of death and positive identification.

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Scituate Barracks

State - RI Police - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 08:15
Media Contact: Captain Derek W. Borek, District A Commander, 401-444-1014 At 10:39 AM, Troopers arrested Jose Roldon, age 38, of 49 Osbourne Street Providence, RI for: 1) Third District Court Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear for Technical Violation Hearing on the original charge of...
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Three arrested for DWI

State - NY Police - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 07:57
Nicholas Rossi, 44 of Orchard Park arrested for DWI on Transit Rd, Cheektowaga

Amy Moeller, 40 of Amherst arrested for DWI on Transit Rd, Clarence

Christopher Bystrzak, 53 of Grand Island arrested for DWI on East River Rd, Grand Island


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Clarence man arrested for vehicular assault

State - NY Police - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 07:38
On February 16, 2019, Michael Eddo, 50 of Clarence was arrested for DWI and Vehicular Assault after striking a pedestrian while driving on Harris Hill Rd, Clarence. 
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Lincoln Woods Barracks

State - RI Police - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 07:30
Media Contact: Captain Derek Borek, District "A" Commander, 401-444-1014 At 2:00 PM, troopers arrested Shaijohn Delgado, age 20, of 171 Illinois Street, First Floor, Central Falls, Rhode Island, on a Sixth District Court Bench warrant for Failure to Appear for Pretrial Conference on the...
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Empire Star Reportedly Paid Black Men To Commit Hate Crime On Him

Law Officer - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 22:46

The two Nigerian brothers arrested in connection with the assault on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett are no longer suspects in the attack. They’re now cooperating with police.

A source close to the investigation confirms to CBS News the brothers told detectives Smollett paid them to participate in the alleged attack on January 29th and that they purchased the rope — which was found around Smollett’s neck — at a nearby hardware store. The source said detectives have evidence to corroborate the sale.

The Chicago Police Department released a statement Saturday night saying information from the brothers had “shifted the trajectory of the investigation.”

“We can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the Empire case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation. We’ve reached out to the Empire cast member’s attorney to request a follow-up interview.”


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Underage Drinking Enforcement

State - NY Police - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 19:27
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Eldred, PA resident charged with Marijuana Possession

State - NY Police - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 19:17
On February 16th, 2019, Troopers out of SP Jamestown arrested Joshua Elliott, 33, Eldred, PA, for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.
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Traffic stop leads to drug arrest

State - NY Police - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 19:06
On February 12th, 2019, Troopers out of SP Jamestown arrested Solymar Brown, 45, of Salmanca, for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.
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NFL Pays Colin Kaepernick Millions In Settlement

Law Officer - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 16:25

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the NFL have reached an agreement to settle his allegations that league teams colluded to deny him a contract after his controversial protests in which he took a knee during the national anthem.

A lawyer for Kaepernick, Mark Geragos, tweeted that after discussions, the “parties have decided to resolve their pending grievances.” The NFL issued an identical statement.

Details of the agreement are not public and Kaepernick is likely bound to never discuss it but NFL Columnist and Author Mike Freeman reports that the settlement is between 60-80 million dollars.

NBA Star Lebron James said “I think with Kap, I stand with Kap, I kneel with Kap.”

Except, James doesn’t.

Lebron James has never knelled for the National Anthem and considering it is against his work (NBA) rules, he likely never will.

Kaepernick has long said that NFL teams refused to hire him based on his activism but what he won’t tell you is that he opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers. That essentially means he quit.

The Baltimore Ravens reportedly were ready to hire him but he refused to comply with their request to stop kneeling for the National Anthem. It also likely didn’t help when Kaepernick’s girlfriend tweeted a “racist” picture of Ray Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. The tweet by Nessa Diab compared a picture of Lewis hugging Bisciotti to a scene from “Django Unchained,” in which Samuel L. Jackson as a loyal house slave held Leonardo DiCaprio’s cruel plantation owner character.

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Jussie Smollett Hires Criminal Defense Lawyer

Law Officer - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 13:51

Jussie Smollett has hired Michael Cohen’s criminal defense lawyer, the attorney confirmed this week, amid the deepening mystery of the “Empire” actor’s claim that he was the victim of a hate attack.

The actor claims he was ambushed in on January 29th as he was walking home through Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. He says his masked assailants tied a noose around his neck, poured bleach on him and yelled homophobic slurs and “MAGA country!”

Police arrested two “Empire” extras, brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo, in connection with the alleged assault Friday, but released them later in the day. Cops also raided their Chicago-area apartment and confiscated bleach and a black face mask.

Police confirmed Saturday the brothers were present at the scene of the attack and provided new evidence that “is now central to the investigation,” without providing details.

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Puerto Rico Officer Shot and Killed

Law Officer - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 13:46

Agent Alfred Zanyet-Pérez was shot and killed while conducting an undercover operation in the Duey Bajo community in San Germán, Puerto Rico.

He was at a store along PR-330 when a subject in a passing vehicle opened fire, fatally wounding him. A bystander was also wounded in the shooting. The vehicle fled the area and the suspect(s) remain at large.

Citizens are urged that have information on the incident to call 787-832-9696 or to the confidential police line at 787-343-2020.

Agent Alfred Zanyet-Pérez was assigned to the Drugs and Narcotics Division in Yauco.

Courtesy: ODMP

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Pedestrian in serious condition after being struck by vehicle in Oneonta

State - NY Police - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 13:15
On Friday, February 15, 2019 at approximately 6:54 p.m., New York State Police at Oneonta responded to a pedestrian that was struck by a vehicle on State Route 23 near the entrance to Walmart in the town of Oneonta. 


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SP Collins – Man arrested for Petit Larceny

State - NY Police - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 12:06
On February 14 at 7:20 pm, Troopers arrested Daniel V. Grover, 41 of Gowanda, NY for 3 counts of Petit Larceny.


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