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Father, son killed after plane crashed in Benicia

ARFF Working Group - Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:45

BENICIA, Calif. (KCRA) —

A father and son were killed after their plane crashed in Benicia Saturday, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office said.

Perry Vallee, 67, of Arcadia, and Preston Vallee, 43, of Concord, were identified as the two people on board when the plane crashed Saturday. The plane was found Sunday.

The plane was flying from Buchanan Field in Concord to Arcata-Eureka Airport Saturday when it crashed for unknown reasons, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The FAA and the National Transportation and Safety Board will investigate.

No other details were released.

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Pilot suffers non life-threatening injuries after ultralight crash southwest of Coweta

ARFF Working Group - Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:44

From Staff Reports

COWETA — A pilot suffered nonlife-threatening injuries after the ultralight aircraft he was flying on Sunday night crashed southwest of Coweta, authorities said.

Authorities got the call about a plane down about 7:30 p.m. The plane was found crashed near 175th Street South and 209th East Avenue.

The male pilot was treated by Coweta firefighters at the scene, then taken to an area hospital by Coweta EMS.

Neither his name nor age were released Sunday night.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

In addition to Coweta Fire, officials with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, Tulsa Fire Department, Tulsa Police Air, Wagoner County Emergency Management and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded to the crash.

It is not known at this time where the flight originated from. We will have updated information as it becomes available.

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Small plane crashes near Priest Lake, no serious injuries

ARFF Working Group - Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:42

COOLIN, Idaho –

Firefighters are investigating after a small plane crashed near Priest Lake in Coolin, Idaho, Sunday afternoon.

Coolin Fire Chief Peggy Smith reports four people were in the plane when it crashed trying to take off from a grass air strip at Cavanaugh Bay. Smith says there were minor injuries as a result of the crash, but no one was taken to the hospital.

The plane landed nose down up against a fence.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation Sunday.

Additional details were not immediately available.

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Small Plane Crashes on James Madison Highway in Louisa County

ARFF Working Group - Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:41


A pilot and his family are safe after their plane crashed this evening along Route 15 in Louisa County. 

A pilot from New York and his family came crashing down around 7:30 p.m. on September 10.

First responders on the scene say the engine failed in the family’s plane, and they had to perform an emergency landing.

“As the pilot came into the field, he did an excellent job of landing in this field right here. You can see the only damage that occurred was to the fence right here. He has to be commended for keeping the plane under control and bringing it in safely,” said Micheal Schlemmer, Louisa County fire captain.

The family of four was flying from buffalo, New York to Greene, North Carolina when the pilot says he was having engine trouble.

Emergency crews say the pilot was trying to land the plane at a nearby airport, but it began to go down.

The plane crashed in a field and then bounced into a fence.

Everyone on-board the plane escaped without injuries, and no one was hurt on the ground.

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Plane forced to return to Irish airport after being struck by lightning

ARFF Working Group - Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:39

The plane is currently being examined by engineers

A plane was forced to return to a Belfast airport after being struck by lightning this afternoon.

The Flybe plane, which travelled from the George Best Belfast City Airport and was heading to the East Midlands had 74 passengers onboard and had to turn around after 3.30pm on Sunday, according to Belfast Live .

Those onboard the flight were safely taken off and the plane is currently being examined by engineers.

Richard Lennon, who was onboard the flight, said that passengers were left in shock.

He said: “We were about 15 minutes into the flight, I was looking out of the window and saw a big flash of lighting and sparks flying.

“At first I thought a bird was flying into the wing – however the pilot advised that we were hit by lighting and said we would need to turn around and fly back to Belfast.

“It wasn’t a massive bang but you could see the lighting. Everyone looked at each other and was wondering what was going on. The staff on the plane was excellent made sure everyone was OK.

“A staff member on the plane said they’d been flying 19 years and had only seen it happen three times.”

A Flybe spokesman: “Flybe can confirm that flight BE365 travelling from George Best Belfast City Airport to East Midlands this afternoon returned from airborne as a precautionary measure due to a lightning strike.

“The aircraft landed as normal and the 74 passengers and crew disembarked without incident.

“Engineers are currently inspecting the aircraft. Arrangements are being made to enable passengers to complete their journey as soon as possible.

“The safety of passengers and crew is always Flybe’s number one priority and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay.”

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September 11, 2001

Statter 911 - Mon, 09/11/2017 - 07:35

A look back

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Body-cam video: Deputies rescue arsonist from deadly house fire in Hudson Falls, NY

Statter 911 - Sun, 09/10/2017 - 11:18

Man charged with murdering girlfriend by setting home on fire

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Early video from Norfolk, Virginia house fire

Statter 911 - Sat, 09/09/2017 - 00:06

Fire Friday morning on Eason Circle

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Firefighter Close Calls - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 14:09

A Duke University EMS helicopter has crashed in Perquimans County (North Carolina) leaving 4 dead. It went down around 1145 hours this morning in an area of Swamp Road and Sandy Cross Road. The crash area is in the northeastern area of North Carolina.

Our condolences to all those affected. Rest In Peace. More to follow.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.

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Today is Friday the 8th of September, 2017

ARFF Working Group - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 07:49

We close this week with one big comment;

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the millions that have been or are going to be affected by hurricane Irma, currently heading straight towards Florida. To my many friends in the Southeast and to all our Brothers and Sisters in the path of this thing, stay strong and stay safe!

Here are the stories for this Friday…

Be safe out there!



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One dead: Plane crashes on road north of Winnipeg

ARFF Working Group - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 07:39

By Canadian Press

ANDREWS, Man. – RCMP say a plane that crashed near a small airport north of Winnipeg, killing the pilot, had been taken without the owner’s consent.

Police say the 29-year-old man from Thunder Bay, Ont., was a licensed pilot who knew the owner.

Officers were called to the crash site near St. Andrews Airport about 4:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Pictures from reporters at the scene showed the shattered wreckage of the single-engine Beech A23-19 strewn across Highway 8.

The highway, which leads from Winnipeg north to Gimli, had to be closed in both directions.

Police said there are no indications anyone else was on board.

The RCMP and Transportation Safety Board are working together on the investigation.

A spokesman with STARS air ambulance said one of its helicopters was initially dispatched to the crash site, but did not land because it was not medically required.

The St. Andrews Airport is a small, not-for-profit, community-owned airport just north of Winnipeg city limits.

On its website, it says it is a certified pilot training facility and is home to two companies that train pilots.

It also lists several charter companies as its tenants.

One dead: Plane crashes on road north of Winnipeg

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Cherry Capital Airport Hosts Aircraft Fire, Rescue Training

ARFF Working Group - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 07:37

Throughout Wednesday you may have seen clouds of smoke coming from the Cherry Capital Airport. No worries because it was all part of a special aircraft fire and rescue training.

It’s a requirement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to have a training like this every year.

The Traverse City Fire Chief, Jim Tuller says the training is so valuable they would have one anyway.

All day they use unique tactics to fight aircraft fires and mock rescues.

Chief Tuller says, “It’s pretty realistic, we have a soundtrack that has screaming passengers and such and we have training smoke in the aircraft itself so the visibility is very down. It’s as realistic as we can make it.”

The training included Grand Traverse Metro Fire and an instructor from Minnesota.

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Dennis Smith (The Secret List)

ARFF Working Group - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 07:36


There is hardly an Firefighter worldwide who hasn’t been impacted by now retired FDNY Firefighter Dennis Smith. From his best-selling books including REPORT FROM ENGINE CO 82 and REPORT FROM GROUND ZERO to being the founder of FIREHOUSE Magazine and so much more…Dennis has had a very positive impact at all levels of our profession.

While Dennis has done so much for so many, he is now facing very significant health challenges of his own. His closest friends are asking if firefighters, fire companies and fire departments could simply send Dennis a signed get well card with your fire dept or company patch or sticker attached-it would do wonders in raising his spirits as he faces these tough medical challenges. Unfortunately Dennis cannot access social media and is unable to receive phone calls, so a “snail mail” get well card as described above is the best way to express all of our best wishes.

Please send it ASAP to:

Firefighter Dennis Smith

Heartland Health Care & Rehab Center
5401 Sawyer Road

Sarasota, FL 34233

Thanks so much…without a doubt Dennis will be blown away and super energized when he hears from so many.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 9/7/2017-1800 Hours

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Today in History

ARFF Working Group - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 07:35

23 Years ago today: On 8 September 1994 a USAir Boeing 737 crashed after losing control on approach to Pittsburgh, PA killing all 132 occupants.

Date: Thursday 8 September 1994 Time: 19:03 Type: Boeing 737-3B7 Operator: USAir Registration: N513AU C/n / msn: 23699/1452 First flight: 1987-09-24 (7 years) Total airframe hrs: 23846 Engines:CFMI CFM56-3B2 Crew: Fatalities: 5 / Occupants: 5 Passengers: Fatalities: 127 / Occupants: 127 Total: Fatalities: 132 / Occupants: 132 Airplane damage: Destroyed Airplane fate: Written off (damaged beyond repair) Location: near Aliquippa, PA (   United States of America) Phase: Approach (APR) Nature: Domestic Scheduled Passenger Departure airport: Chicago-O’Hare International Airport, IL (ORD/KORD), United States of America Destination airport: Pittsburgh International Airport, PA (PIT/KPIT), United States of America Flightnumber: US427

Flight 427 was approaching Pittsburgh runway 28R when ATC reported traffic in the area, which was confirmed in sight by the first officer. At that moment the aircraft was levelling of at 6000 feet (speed 190 kts) and rolling out of a 15deg left turn (roll rate 2deg/sec) with flaps at 1, the gear still retracted and autopilot and auto throttle systems engaged. The aircraft then suddenly entered the wake vortex of a Delta Airlines Boeing 727 that preceded it by approx. 69 seconds (4,2 miles). Over the next 3 seconds the aircraft rolled left to approx. 18deg of bank. The autopilot attempted to initiate a roll back to the right as the aircraft went in and out of a wake vortex core, resulting in two loud “thumps”. The first officer then manually overrode the autopilot without disengaging it by putting in a large right-wheel command at a rate of 150deg/second. The airplane started rolling back to the right at an acceleration that peaked 36deg/sec, but the aircraft never reached a wings level attitude.
At 19:03:01 the aircraft’s heading slewed suddenly and dramatically to the left (full left rudder deflection). Within a second of the yaw onset the roll attitude suddenly began to increase to the left, reaching 30deg. The aircraft pitched down, continuing to roll through 55deg left bank. At 19:03:07 the pitch attitude approached -20deg, the left bank increased to 70deg and the descent rate reached 3600f/min. At this point, the aircraft stalled. Left roll and yaw continued, and the aircraft rolled through inverted flight as the nose reached 90deg down, approx. 3600 feet above the ground. The 737 continued to roll, but the nose began to rise. At 2000 feet above the ground the aircraft’s attitude passed 40deg nose low and 15deg left bank. The left roll hesitated briefly, but continued and the nose again dropped.
The plane descended fast and impacted the ground nose first at 261 knots in an 80deg nose down, 60deg left bank attitude and with significant sideslip.

Probable Cause:

PROBABLE CAUSE :” The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the USAir flight 427 accident was a loss of control of the airplane resulting from the movement of the rudder surface to its blow down limit. The rudder surface most likely deflected in a direction opposite to that commanded by the pilots as a result of a jam of the main rudder power control unit servo valve secondary slide to the servo valve housing offset from its neutral position and over travel of the primary slide.”

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Firefighter Close Calls - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 06:40

Seven first responders injured after explosions at the troubled Arkema chemical plant in Crosby are now suing the company for at least $1 million in damages.

On Thursday, barely a week after the first blast of decomposing chemicals rocked the small town, Houston lawyers Kimberley Spurlock and Misty Hataway-Cone launched a legal battle in Harris County court, accusing Arkema of gross negligence.

Despite past flooding events and advance notice of the impending destruction of Hurricane Harvey, Arkema “ignored the foreseeable consequences of failing to prepare,” the suit claims, leaving trailers of volatile chemicals susceptible to explosion after flooding knocked out the electricity and ability to cool the heat-sensitive compounds.

The first of nine trailers of organic peroxides exploded early on the morning of Aug. 31, landing a number of first responders in the hospital following exposure to fumes from the chemicals, which ignited and left a 40-foot plume of black smoke that officials later compared to a campfire.

“Although the explosions had occurred, no one from Arkema alerted the first responders who were manning the perimeter of the arbitrary mandatory evacuation area,” lawyers said Thursday in a press release. “Immediately upon being exposed to the fumes from the explosions, and one by one, the police officers and first responders began to fall ill in the middle of the road.”

Emergency medical personnel arrived on scene, and were overcome by fumes before even exiting their vehicles, lawyers allege.

“The scene was nothing less than chaos,” the lawsuit claims. “Police officers were doubled over vomiting, unable to breathe.”

The seven first responders at the center of the new legal action were all on scene for “that chaos and those toxic fumes,” according to legal papers. Fifteen Harris County deputies and eight EMS personnel, including Crosby’s EMS chief, were hospitalized due to exposure to the fumes.

The legal claim specifically calls out company officials Richard Rowe and Richard Rennard for holding press conferences at which they “repeatedly denied that the chemicals were toxic or harmful in any manner,” the lawyers write. “Plaintiffs relied upon these representations and suffered serious bodily injury as a result.”

Twenty homeowners also asked to be added to the suit according to the lawyers. The Crosby residents claimed to have seen balls of tar fall in their yards and some claimed a tar-like substance covered their roofs after the explosions.

The suit also asks for a temporary restraining preventing Arkema from destroying photos, documents and records relating to the chemical behind the fire.

The Chemical Safety Board announced on Aug. 31 it would be investigating the Arkema explosion. In a statement from board chair Vanessa Allen Sutherland, one aspect of that investigation would be the implications for emergency response efforts.

An Arkema spokeswoman Thursday afternoon promised the company would release a statement later in the day.

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Firefighter Close Calls - Fri, 09/08/2017 - 06:39

Two firefighters were killed in an operation on the Autobahn 2 in Brandenburg deadly. The helpers were called at an early Tuesday morning to an accident near Brandenburg on the Havel, as the police communicated.A semitrailer train hit a fire car accident at the accident site. This turned around its own axis, tipped over and buried the two firemen among themselves. The 23-year-old and his 38-year-old colleague still died at the accident site. The truck driver was injured.

The emergency personnel were first called to an accident with a small carrier. The driver had ridden the transporter onto a semitrailer, was pinched and severely injured. For the rescue operations, the police and fire brigade blocked the right and the middle lane.

About an hour after the first accident, a 55-year-old truck driver wanted to pass the left-hand lane at the accident site. For still unsettled cause he caught with his truck a police car, which stood for securing on the middle track. The semitrailer came to sway and bounced against the fire-weaving car. It tipped over and buried the two men under him.

“I can not put myself in the situation of the comrades, who had to see what happened with their comrades,” said the layer leader of the Brandenburger professional fire brigade. The forces, which were in use, were replaced and supervised by pastoral caretakers.

Since the second accident, the motorway has been blocked between the Brandenburg and Netzen junctions in the direction of Berlin. The rescue work should continue until 1 pm.

In the morning hours, there were miles of traffic jams. As the suspension was to continue for several hours, cars were returned to the last exit. An expert was on site and took the investigation into the cause of the accident.

Flags at half-mast

On public buildings the flags were set half-mast on Tuesday. “It is a tragedy that is difficult to grasp for me,” emphasized Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD). “They wanted to save lives, they themselves were killed.” That made him infinitely sad. At the Landesfeuerfeuerwehrschule in Eisenhüttenstadt (Märkisch-Oderland) was conceived with a silence minutes of the dead comrades.

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NTSB: Plane crash lands at Anchorage International Airport, citing landing gear problem

ARFF Working Group - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 07:29

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – A plane landed abruptly Wednesday morning when the pilot on board realized there was a problem with the landing gear, preventing a normal landing.

Clint Johnson with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirmed that the plane touched down at around 6:30 a.m. on runway 15 of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

The plane, a Beechcraft King Air, was a medical aircraft with LifeMed, and was transporting a patient along with the pilot and three staff members.

According to Johnson, the NTSB will be investigating exactly what went wrong with the plane, but the landing gear was immediately identified as being a problem area. Johnson said the left side of the landing gear collapsed on landing.

Despite the rough landing, no injuries were reported during the incident. The nature of the flight and the identities of those on board have not been released.

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Pilot killed in plane crash at Caernarfon Airport

ARFF Working Group - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 07:27

One person has died after a light aircraft crashed onto the runway at an airport in north Wales.

Police were called to Caernarfon Airport at 18:29 BST on Wednesday after the plane crashed and burst into flames on the runway.

The pilot was pronounced dead at the scene and an investigation has begun.

Ch Insp Sharon McCairn, of North Wales Police, said: “A cordon is in place around the site and we are urging the public to remain clear of the area.”

The Air Accident Investigation Branch has sent a team to the airport.

Mark Hancock, a guest at the nearby Morfa Lodge holiday park, said he saw what looked like a twin-engine plane crash as it came into land.

“The first thing I noticed was that the plane had no landing gear on, its wheels weren’t down,” he said.

“It was coming in way too fast and then the bottom of it did a sort of belly flop on the runway. It caught fire and then it bounced back up into the air and when it hit the ground again it burst into flames.

“It was like a massive fireball and there was black smoke everywhere. We could feel the heat from where we were standing. There were bits of plane all over the runway.”

Caernarfon Airport, near Dinas Dinlle, operates training flights and is also home to the Wales Air Ambulance and the HM Coastguard Helicopters operated by Bristow.

Wales Air Ambulance said the crash did not involve any of its aircraft.

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Plane crash closes highway north of Winnipeg

ARFF Working Group - Thu, 09/07/2017 - 07:26

RCMP called to the scene around 4:30 a.m

A plane has crashed near the St. Andrews Airport north of Winnipeg, RCMP say.

Just before 4:30 a.m. RCMP were called to Highway 8 between Parkdale Road and McPhillips Road.

RCMP said the highway is closed in both directions and there is a detour.

There is no word on what type of plane or injuries at this time.

The airport is located in the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews about 15 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

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