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Firefighter Close Calls - Wed, 08/08/2018 - 15:11
We regret to pass on that Dekalb Co, GA Firefighter Barry Everett, age 42,, was found deceased in bed at the fire station this morning.
Firefighter Everett worked a 24-hour shift and responded to multiple emergencies, the last emergency being at 0000hrs. During shift change, at 0800hrs, Everett was found deceased in bed at the fire station. The nature and cause of fatal injury are still to be reported. Our condolences to all those affected. Rest In Peace.
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Firefighter Close Calls - Wed, 08/08/2018 - 12:18

Two Franktown firefighters responding to a house fire in Sedalia rolled in their water truck Tuesday evening and were airlifted to area hospitals in critical condition, a spokesperson for South Metro Fire and Franktown Fire told 9NEWS.

Early Wednesday morning, Franktown Fire said that one firefighter has been released from the hospital. The condition of the other firefighter has improved as well.

Public information officer Kim Spuhler said the crash happened as the water truck was headed north on Perry Park and that no other vehicles were involved. Both firefighters had to be cut from the water truck after emergency crews arrived.

The pair was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center. Spuhler said both men would be facing “an uphill battle.”

The firetruck crashed on someone’s property and appeared to roll through a fence. The roads were dry when they crashed, Spuhler said and added that because of the size of the vehicle, it’s going to be sometime before the exact reason for the crash is known.

The water truck, called a tender, dumps water into a portable tank to be used by fire engines. The tender was carrying about 3,000 gallons of water because there are no fire hydrants in Perry Park.

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Have you seen this guy? Police say firefighter tried to sell NY brush truck in MD

Statter 911 - Wed, 08/08/2018 - 12:01

Former New York volunteer failed to show in court after February arrest in Western Maryland

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Early video from California house fire

Statter 911 - Tue, 08/07/2018 - 08:25

A man and five children escaped from Jurupa Valley fire

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Firefighter Close Calls - Tue, 08/07/2018 - 06:40

A Bridgeport Township fire crew escaped injury when their truck got rear-ended at the scene of a crash on I-75 Monday afternoon.

The yellow engine with all of its warning lights activated was sitting in the emergency lane in the median outside the travel lanes on the southbound when an SUV drove into the back.

Fire Chief Pat Nelson was in the truck that got hit. Neither he, the other firefighter traveling with him nor the woman who rear-ended them received any injuries.

He chalked up the crash to another illustration of how motorists are not obeying Michigan’s move-over law.

“People aren’t moving over,” Nelson said. “The move over law doesn’t seem to mean anything to people.”

Under Michigan law, motorists are required to move over when approaching any emergency vehicle, giving at least a one-lane buffer. When that is not practical, drivers have to slow down to a safe speed.

Nelson pointed out the fire truck was off the road and as far out of the travel lanes as possible helping with a crash on the northbound side of the freeway.

“We were stopped, our air brakes were set and a vehicle — an SUV-type vehicle — struck the back of our fire apparatus,” he said. “All of our lights were operating. We were off the road way at that point.”

The fire truck was damaged, including a ladder that will have to be replaced.

“She said her brakes failed, but again we were outside of the traffic lane in the emergency lane, so I’m not sure where she was traveling,” Nelson said.

While that driver didn’t move over, Nelson said several other drivers also weren’t obeying the move over one lane law for emergency responders.

“It took about 10 minutes before traffic was cleared enough for me to exit the apparatus out of the passenger side,” Nelson said.

The accident happened just yards from where tow truck driver Tom Tripp was killed earlier this year, hit by a drunk driver as he was loading a car on a flat bed truck. A memorial has been set up near the crash site.

Nelson said distracted driving is making the roads dangerous for everyone.

“You see overheads on a fire truck or an emergency vehicle, it’s going somewhere and its going to be stopping,” he said. “Move over, get out of the way, give us some space.”

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West Florence responds to House Fire with person injured Friday

SCOnFire - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 15:18 Florence County, S.C. (WPDE) — One person is hurt after a home caught fire Friday night on McDaniel Road in Effingham, SC, according to a Facebook post by West Florence Fire Rescue. When firefighters arrived on scene just…FULL STORY

City of Charleston Fire Department Station 14 to open Monday in West Ashley

SCOnFire - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 15:13
EST WCIV ABC News 4 WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) — The Charleston Fire Department has announced a new fire station in West Ashley will begin providing around the clock coverage “today”. Fire Station 14 is located at 3005 Memorial Drive in the Carolina Bay neighborhood….FULL STORY

Bed bugs at Jamestown EMS station force Berkeley Co. crews to relocate

SCOnFire - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 15:05
WCIV ABC News 4 JAMESTOWN, S.C. (WCIV) —  Bed bugs at the Jamestown EMS station (Medic 6) have forced Berkeley County crews to temporarily relocate, according the Berkeley County officials Despite several treatment, officials say the bugs have resurfaced, causing ambulance and EMS crews to relocate elsewhere in the Jamestown area while the problem is ...


Firefighter Close Calls - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 14:18

One man is critically injured after a rolling gun battle erupted outside a St. Louis firehouse, forcing firefighters to scramble for cover.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that no firefighters were injured in the shootings around 7 a.m. Monday. The lone gunshot victim was found outside the firehouse and medics ran to help him.

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson says a dozen firefighters were at Engine House No. 32 when occupants of two cars began shooting at each other.

Firefighters closed the garage door at the front of the firehouse, but not before two people ran in claiming they had been shot. It turned out they had not been shot.

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So…Who IS FIT To Fight Fires?

Firefighter Close Calls - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 14:16

I was over 300 lbs for many years and felt just fine-(no physicals back then)-until any fire run where I actually had to climb a story or two with a line. I am pretty sure I went thru an SCBA in 3-4 minutes…something like that…and it happened a lot.


I think those “ran out of SCBA air much quicker than I should have” events, as well being the Dad to some very young kids at the time, made me think about my weight, fitness and ability to do the job…and to be able/unable to support the others on that hose line.


Many firefighters struggle to get and stay fit, while some departments struggle to hold firefighters accountable to basic fitness levels. It’s a very real issue-career and volunteer-just look around.

So who is responsible for fitness?

The Firefighter?

The fire department?

The North American Junk Food Association?

La-Z-Boy Inc?


SO what are some realistic suggestions, ideas and solutions for individual Firefighters and departments, so we can realistically begin to tackle the fitness issue?


Once again Gordon Graham’s folks at LEXIPOL are hosting a one hour, no cost fire service webinar. Join me with these fire folks who will discuss the unique fitness (eating, exercise etc) needs of all Firefighters, how to design workouts for maximum effectiveness, and how to instill a positive “attitude” of simply being healthy and able to do the job throughout your department.

You’ll learn: 
·        What current health and fitness components are most important for firefighters and why
·        Key elements to build into your workouts…be it walking or a full workout
·        The importance of making fitness a fire department priority, and tips for motivating and supporting all firefighters to improve their ability to BE A FIREFIGHTER.

Please join:
-FF Aaron Zamzow-Firefighter/Training Officer-Madison (WI) Fire Department – Owner of Fire Rescue Fitness.
-Deputy Chief Dan Kerrigan-East Whiteland (PA) Township – Author of the book:

FF Functional Fitness.
-Dr. Sara Jahnke, Ph.D.-Director, Center for Fire, Rescue and EMS Health Research-
National Development and Research Institutes.

Register today!
The webinar will be held Wednesday, August 22 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. Registration is free.
Can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll send you a recording after the event.



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Firefighter Close Calls - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 13:48

The Tama building is considered a total loss according to Burlington Fire Battalion Chief Bruce Workman.

Two firefighters were transported to an area hospital due to injuries received while fighting the fire. Both have since been released and their injuries are not considered life threatening.

Firefighters remain on scene applying water to hot spots and smoldering embers. Primary high power lines were struck during the blaze. Alliant Energy is still working to restore power to downtown Burlington.

The fire was called in by a citizen who saw the flames from three blocks away. Six departments and fifty-three firefighters battled the blaze.

UPDATE 8/5/18 9:00 a.m.: Fire crews continue to battle smoke and flames at the Tama building in Burlington as of 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

The fire chief says the fire started in the Eastman building and then spread to the Chittenden. Parts of both buildings have collapsed. The east side of the Eastman building and north side of Chittenden building both saw partial collapses as of 9:00 a.m. Fire crews are concerned both buildings could collapse and are asking people to keep their distance.

Neighbors say they watched the flames all night and heard parts of the building collapse.

“We gathered on the balcony and watched and they said,’get all your cars because we don’t know how secure the building is,’ and then at about 6 this morning we heard a rumble and the whole back end of the building came down,” said Mark Renteria.

Renteria says he was planning to open a wine bar and grocery store on the bottom floor of the building. The Tama building was undergoing a $12 million renovation to also include 48 loft style apartments.

The Tama building previously caught fire in 2009.

ORIGINAL 8/5/18 4:45 a.m.: Fire crews remained on scene as of 4:45 a.m. Sunday after a fire broke out overnight in the Tama building.

Burlington Police say at least four neighboring fire departments are on scene assisting – Fort Madison, West Burlington, Danville and Mt. Pleasant.

Police say the call came in at 10:54 p.m. Saturday night, Aug. 4. The Tama building is located on 3rd Street and Jefferson Street.

The building is currently being renovated into apartments. Police say no one lives there currently, but a woman had to be rescued from the third floor. Fire crews were able to get her out using an aerial truck. She was not injured, according to Burlington Police.

No injuries have been reported.

Burlington Police also say part of the west wall collapsed.

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Early video from LAFD house fire

Statter 911 - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 11:02

Los Angeles firefighters handle fire in vacant North Hills home that previously burned

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It takes a village to put out a fire

Statter 911 - Sun, 08/05/2018 - 11:39

House fire in Bronte, Texas

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Pre-arrival video from California house fire

Statter 911 - Sat, 08/04/2018 - 02:11

Man in civilian clothes grabs line to protect exposure

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